About D-Max Carpet Care

What is it about D-Max Carpet Care that puts us apart from the competition? 
D-Max Carpet Care’s Story starts with the Owner Ibrahim Kural. 
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 As the Owner of D-Max Carpet Care since founding it 17 years ago, I’ve focused my attention on the connection that we have with our customers. 
We fill an important need in our customers’ lives, the need for clean indoor living. 
Everything that we do from Carpet Cleaning to your Emergency Water Removal services. 
 My customers have relied on me to provide attention to detail, leaving them with an exceptionally finished product. 
This starts with setting up the appointment until finishing the job and leaving customers home. 
 As we move forward, I realize that it is not enough for what we do. We must then take bolder steps to focus more on quality and customer satisfaction.
And we are working on it day in and day out, busy getting new, better equipment, continued education, and better customer service. 
Thank you, Houston …