How to Prepare Before the Professional Carpet Cleaners Arrive…

Now, you have decided to hire a professional carpet cleaner, what is next?

 Okay, so you’ve decided that a DIY carpet steam cleaning job isn’t the answer and for it, a professional steam cleaning company, who has the professional equipment, know-how, and experience to do a faster and better job than you could ever hope to do yourself, is the only answer.
Your poor carpet has more direct traffic every day than any other furnishing in your house. It’s therefore not surprising it looks tired every so often with all this general wear and tear.
If you think about the number of things, our carpets have to cope with every single day – mud, pet hair, food and much worse, and you’d thought a quick vacuum would sort it, then think again!
While there’s no doubt you do a fantastic job of getting rid of everyday dust and dirt from your carpets, a professional carpet cleaner can do so much more.
There are marks and stains that your average vacuum won’t be able to remove, so although your carpet may look clean, a professional carpet cleaner will eliminate those persistent smells and challenging stains.
Because unwashed and uncleaned carpets can also become a haven for things, we can’t see such as dust mites, which can put some people’s health at risk of skin and breathing problems because of dust mite fecal matter for starters–yuk!
So, if you’ve made the sensible decision to have not only your carpets cleaned but professionally cleaned, then you’re on your way to becoming a clean carpet warrior.
And the genuine joy is that you can leave the hard work to someone else!
But by preparing your home for a visit from professional carpet cleaners, you can guarantee that the carpet cleaning job goes smoothly and efficiently so you can be well on your way to dry and beautifully clean carpets.
Some professional carpet cleaning services give you a pre-cleaning list of things to do, which on the one hand, may seem like a lot of trouble, but in the long run, are worth the time and effort if you want to see your carpets looking brand-new looking again.
While it is unnecessary to deep clean your carpets before the cleaners show up, it’s helpful to perform a few everyday maintenance tasks to make sure the best clean imaginable takes place.
By preparing the room space, the professional carpet cleaners can show up and start cleaning immediately without first having to prep any rooms or the area.

And Action…

Before your professional carpet cleaner arrives, there are some cleaning tips we’d like to suggest so you can get the most out of having your carpets professionally clean.
These will help to speed up the cleaning process and to prevent accidents, so it’s a brilliant idea to be ready.
Don’t over-prepare–just follow these tips and you’ll be ready to let the dust busters go to work.

These top tips include:

Pre-cleaning inspection

Often homeowners have specific areas in their house where their carpet appears more spoiled than in other areas. This includes areas of high traffic, including hallways or other areas that walk on frequently.
These popular areas will usually need extra care to remove built-up dirt and debris that have accumulated from people’s shoes or pets.
It’s a worthwhile exercise to ensure the people who will clean your carpets know about any stains or marks that you have and can’t remove yourself.
This means the professional can bring along any stain removing equipment or detergents that may need.
It’s a superb idea to make an inventory while you wait for your carpet cleaning professionals to arrive at the problem areas on your carpet.
Perhaps note where the biggest stains or spots are and try to remember what caused them and then relay this information to your carpet cleaner–in case the pre-cleaning inspection was with a different cleaner than the one who arrives on cleaning day.
Where the discoloration comes from absolutely affects the way the stain treatment, and any misunderstanding can be very upsetting for both parties.
It is also important that you tell the professionals before they clean if there are any urine stains on any of the carpets, as urine in your carpet can be a severe problem.
If you have any preference for the cleaning agents that they will use, it is also essential that you communicate with the professionals who are going to use on your carpets before they start the work. So check with them that their products are eco-friendly, children, and pet safe if it matters to you!

Vacuum, if needed, before the pros arrive

This will save time all round by removing debris and dirt from the carpet fibers before the steam cleaning. You can help ensure your professional carpet cleaner focuses on the deep down soiled-in dirt. Some carpet cleaning services, do vacuum the carpet before beginning their work, whereas others rely on you, the homeowner, to do so.

One of the easiest things you do for your carpets that can make a big impact is vacuuming. Start at one side of the room and slowly vacuum the space to avoid missing any spots. Vacuuming will help remove any excess dirt and debris that may be loose in the carpet fibers, and this means the professional carpet cleaner will reach the soiled-in dirt underneath.

By removing dust around the carpeted area also prevents it from falling back onto the carpet.

Dust and clean skirting boards

It’s a superb idea to ensure all skirting and baseboards are free from dirt and dust before the pros arrive so the carpet will stay cleaner for longer after the professional clean.

Give these areas a thorough wash and wipe down and any doorframes and windowsills.


Remove fragile and valuable items

Try and remove anything and everything from the room – you don’t want anything that is fragile or delicate, broken. Professional cleaners don’t want to spend their time having to move your things out of harm’s way.

Not all professional cleaning services vet their cleaning teams, so it’s an outstanding idea to safeguard your interests and to lock away any valuables.

Professional carpet cleaning companies are usually trained to be cautious in their customers’ homes. This means being aware of their surroundings and careful not to cause damage to any possessions or furniture. However, carpet technicians are people too, and accidents can happen. For this reason, it is always an excellent idea to put away any expensive items, just in case.

If you have valuables that can’t be removed, make sure you tell your carpet cleaner before they clean so he or she can use extra caution around that specific item.

Free up a parking slot near front door

 Most professional carpet cleaning services use an of truck-mounted equipment, so they’ll need to be able to park their vehicle as close to your property as possible.

This is so they can run their hoses from the truck to the rooms they are cleaning. It is therefore essential that you keep the sidewalk or your driveway free from cars, so you don’t obstruct their vehicle.


Let your family and pets know the pros are coming!

 It’s always a wonderful idea to let your family know you are having your carpets professionally cleaned, so they don’t have a shock if they return home unexpectedly.

It’s also a great idea to put pets in rooms with the doors shut or into the garden, so the cleaners aren’t disturbed, or the carpets made dirty again while they are wet. If you have kids and/or pets, plan something for them to do and ensure they don’t come into contact with the cleaning equipment as they may be sensitive to the chemicals used and get frightened by the machinery’s loud noise.

Other small details:

  • Talk to your cleaning professionals to see how long the cleaning process will take before they start. They may not like being disturbed during cleaning so, prepare to plan something during that time to keep yourself occupied and leave them alone.
  • You may usually have the most docile pet, but carpet cleaning equipment or the cleaning itself can make your animal upset, which can make the act of cleaning difficult.
  • Most professional carpet cleaners use truck-mounted cleaning systems that will require a door to the outside to leave ajar. You don’t want your unexpecting pets to discover a simple escape route.
  • When the professional clean is over, the carpets will be damp for quite a while afterward. Please try to keep the rooms remain empty as long as possible. Depending on the humidity outside you can keep the window open or the heating on to help speed up the drying process.

     At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. If you want deep down carpet cleaning to remove allergens, dust, and greasy residues, it requires the specialized equipment and training of a professional cleaning service.
By hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, to deep clean your carpets, you can sit back and enjoy the thought of your brand-new looking carpets while the professionals return your carpet to their clean and hygienic state.
And all you have to do is to remember to consider taking a few minutes to prepare the space for when the professional carpet cleaner arrives.

By merely vacuuming, dusting, removing declutter, and any valuables, as well as getting any furniture out of the way. You can streamline the carpet cleaning process and ensure the best clean possible for your carpets.


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