Top 4 Reasons To Choose Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

There are two primary groups of tile flooring:

1. Natural Stone: Products like marble, granite, travertine, etc. will be some of the samples to this group.

2. Ceramic & Porcelain: All the man-made tiles including, Saltillo/Mexican/Terracota, glass, cement, mosaics tiles etc. are some basic examples of this group.

While some people prefer natural stone, others like the ceramic variety of tiles.
But one thing is for sure: we consider tiles one of the most important aspects of house decoration.
For today’s topic, we will focus on ceramic/porcelain tile and grout cleaning.

Like everything else in our life, tile floors will need periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Why do tiles & grouts need to clean?

We can summarize this answer in 4 major categories

  • Health
  • Aesthetic
  • Durability
  • Value

We will be exploring how professional tile and grout cleaning services will be effecting the categories that we mentioned above.

1. Health

Our health is the most precious gift we have and protecting it is important than anything else in this world.
During our daily routine, we walk in and out of our home without even giving it a second thought.
Without even realizing it, we bring into our home all kinds of germs, viruses, microorganisms, along with the dust and dirt that stuck on our shoes.
Being at the lowest part of the house, most of these particles end up on the floor.
It is very obvious if we don’t remove these elements, they will end up in our air duct system and our lungs.
We have to be proactive to prevent this, and the cheapest and most effective way to do it? Yes, you guessed it, cleaning it.
Besides being an eyesore, dirty tile floors are also a health hazard for slip and fall accidents.

2. Aesthetic

Trying to sell your house is a hassle all by itself, but it is more difficult to get the value you think your house is worth.
There is nothing more unpleasing to an eye than a dirty tile floor with black grout lines.
Regardless of how upscale is the neighborhood and what kind of school district you have, black grout lines are a turnoff for most buyers.
You should always keep in mind that unless the buyer falls in love at first sight, they always think “there is something better out there”.
Make sure you make a perfect first impression the first time for a faster, smoother process.

3. Durability

From our cars to the AC unit, everything we use needs periodic maintenance now and then.
That’s only because we want to get the most out of what we own. You can apply the same principles to your tile flooring.
If you maintain it, it will last longer, healthier, and appealing. Otherwise, you may have to replace it prematurely.
It will cost you lot more to replace any floor than maintain it.

4. Value

In simple words, clean is healthy, appealing, and refreshing, and dirt is not. That is why clean is valuable and dirty is cheap.
By spending a little time and money, you can add value to your home if you sell it.
Without a doubt, dirty tile floors will take down to the value of the house all by itself, because this is a factor people usually notice right when they enter the house.

How often do tiles & grouts need to clean?

As a professional tile and grout cleaners, we recommend every 1-2 years cleaning, in ideal conditions.

Let us get into detail about this:

Why is the range of 1-2 years so large?

Because every household is different, everything from the number of people who live there to whether or not there are pets, and from cleaning habits to eating habits. Somehow all this will affect how fast the flooring will get dirty.

What are the ideal conditions?

Again there are a variety of factors that will affect the floors like how often is the house cleaned, vacuumed, dusted, and swept/mopped?
How often is the water changed while mopping and cleaning?
How often do you change the air filters?
Do you use doormats at all primary house entrances?
Do you have any pets? How well trained is it?

How do tiles & grouts need to maintain?

We already explained in the above paragraph how often we have to do it.
Periodic vacuuming and mopping is the most important aspect of keeping your tiles clean.
It is also very important to have doormats at the primary entrances.
Did you know that having a doormat and wiping your feet before entering your home, you can cut down 80% of the dust you bringing in?
As far as the cleaning goes, always vacuum or sweep before mopping. Two-step mopping should be practice as a cleaning procedure.
After using a mixture of water and cleaning agents, follow it by a rinse with clean water.

DIY vs Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Company?

We all want our flooring to look appealing, attractive, and last as long as possible regardless of where do we live. So the real question is;

How do we achieve this goal?

There are two avenues you can take in this matter. You can do this yourself or hire a professional tile and grout cleaning company.
As we all know, grout is a very porous material. If you look at the grouts under the microscope, it will look like a large sponge.
Over time, these pores will fill with dust particles and stains.
Because it won’t hold an enormous amount of dust and particles, it will be necessary for professionals to clean it periodically. Removing these particles requires knowledge, the right equipment and supply, patience, and hard work.
If you have all the qualities above, you are most likely a professional tile and grout cleaner yourself. If not, we urge you to hire professionals to clean your tile and grout. It will save you time, money, lots of pain and you will get superior results comparing to DIY. It will be beneficial for you to spend the time and effort to maintain the tile and grout, instead of clean it yourself.

Why Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners;

1. Equipment

Professional tile and grout cleaners have truck-mount units. They are 20-60 HP, with the ability to produce 200-230 degree water and up to 1500 PSI pressurized water. There is nothing available in the market that replicates their ability. This means you have to work harder and longer to have similar results.


Professional tile and grout cleaners plenty of experience with cleaning tiles and they will follow necessary measures to ensure the safety of your tiles.


Because of the tremendous accumulated experience they have, professional tile and grout cleaners will analyze the flooring that you have in your home or office and offer the best, suitable solution.


Professional tile cleaning companies also have all the products at their disposal if the job required to deliver effective results to the clients.

What about for the stains even professionals cannot remove?

There is another option for those stains, which called color-sealing.
Grouts come in many colors and tones. But depending on the quality of the material and the labor, some variances may occur in different patches of the floors. Your grout may stain or you may move into the house you love, but you don’t like the grout color.
So what is the solution?
The solution is color-sealing. It is a process that tile and grout cleaners after cleaning the tile and grout; they apply a special sealer-paint on your grout lines.
Professionals call this product a color-seal and a process called color-sealing.
With a color-sealer, you can paint whole grout pretty much any color you desire. Your floors will look very uniform and in most cases better than new installation.

What to do after new tile installations?

A most important step after you got tiles installed is to rinse and seal your floors with a high-quality sealer.
Most of the time, tile installers don’t offer or don’t bother with this step.
You may think it’s okay because it’s a brand new installation and that you can buy a sealer from Home Depot and apply it yourself.
Unfortunately, not that easy. First, you don’t want to lock the dirt in the tile porous; always clean/rinse it first.
The second point is that big box stores are very convenient for a lot of things but don’t always carry the best supplies available.
You may live in your home for a very long time, you and your family deserve the best.

As a conclusion, the homeowners should focus more on cleaning and maintenance. An annual deep cleaning should leave to Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning experts.
By doing this, you will remove the dirt and debris from your floors.
In return, this will improve your and your families’ health. It will make your home more attractive and visually pleasing.
Your floor will last a lot, long and beautiful, and you will add value to your home.

Beseides the any questions or comments you may have, we also will like to know about your experience, How did it go, PRO’s and CON’s to either one?